Friday, 25 March 2011

shred sweat hustle

Something big has happened. I feel almost for the first time that these businesses have a solid future in recycling. Through our inexhaustable networking, we met a company that started to buy our shredded plastic. For three reasons it is a big deal.

Reason #1: They come to our centre to buy the plastic. Instead of us having to pay money to hire a truck and lug it over with a bunch of guys, sometimes not even being able to sell it.

Reason #2:They are Kenyans. They understand the dynamics of people in low income areas. Not other nationals who are extremely apprehensive about working with people from poor neighborhoods.

Reason #3:This business that started buying from us is as old as we are in the business, but they are a lot more succesful. The reason being is they had start up capital. In conclusion it proves that people with money to invest are finding Recycling to be a worthwhile endeavor.

The other day we accepted an invitation to follow our plastic after we had sold it to them and see how a larger recycling facility is operated.

I really love this part of the job. We have to seperate colours in order to sell for better money. I like to imagine sometimes we are selling magical spices.

This is some of our blue plastic laying out in the sun after it had been washed. This is a nice photo because the stuff in bags beside it is the final product on its way out to the market.

More magical spices.

Now the plastic is going into a heater where it gets melted and oozes into the machine

and comes out as coat hangers!!

Always nice to see a gender balanced work environment

In this photo there are 4 different examples of stuff they make with our plastic. The bowls are my fave, Kaka is liking it. and Of course all these things are recyclable. pretty cool? I think so.

STAKEN Haiwezi Kufa

The guys looking and asking and talking. Everyone there was so welcoming and answered all of our questions.

We spent about 3 hours at the visit. You can see the owner of the business Mrs Kariuki. She is really wonderful and we talked about everything in the industry for a long time.

Why didn't we do this earlier you may ask? Well this is the first time anyone has ever allowed us into their facility. It was a great feeling to have someone who is very successful but very understanding of the company's socio economic background and also very excited to work with us.

The walk home feeling inspired

These are some really solid guys. I mean the most solid I have ever met in my life.

It was an incredible experience to follow the cycle of our plastic. It has given us the motivation to continue thinking that one day we will be able to produce our own durable products and sell them back to the community. Instead of the cheap chinese crap that breaks after a day.

We have been so fortunate to meet these great people. I really feel as though it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


  1. This is soooooo amazing - I need to hook my girl Leonidah up in Maseno with Mrs Kariuki.
    Fantastic blog Justin!
    Fantastic and well deserved result x

  2. Wow! I am so excited to read this and to hear that everything worked out! Thank you for this piece, it really lifted my spirits on a sucky day like today. I am so glad the partnership with Parkline has started off well and I pray that it goes from strength to strength.
    Please keep me updated and I hope to meet up with you again when I'm next in Kenya :)

    Thanks again and all the best!


  3. I am doing something with Cheryl Lorhman on Plastic originally we had a project Leave No Plastic Behind which is now Create Plenty....i do hope that we can network and see if this could be replicated for the Dandora Dumpsite aand other places..i am also trying to get a few friends together to see if we can work together along plastic to create employment for youths in Siaya and in Nairobi.This is a great project and needs all the support that it can get.