Sunday, 30 October 2016

In Memory of Farouk Omondi

Dear Farouk
Today a very large piece of me is missing because one of my best friends has passed on. The entire Youth community is mourning from such a devastating blow. You are a champion for change and the service you gave to improving the environment and promoting youth entrepreneurship will never be replaced by anyone or anything. The recycling centre we built will always give me pride from the long hours together making it run. We faced a lot of challenges but at times things worked very well and in those moments we saw our dreams come to life.

(A short video can be seen here of daily operations when running full force at the centre)

From the time that we knew each other our lives changed a lot. You could always be depended on and the times you helped me personally is more than I can remember.  I always tried to be there for you when in need. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there for you this last time. You left me with so much experience. The things you believed in are the things I believe in. We loved cooking together and you taught me Swahili, boxing and how to always succeed when you don’t always have everything you need.  Watching you raise a family made me want to be a Dad. Your dedication to working hard each day will always be a reminder when I wake up in the morning. The world needs more people like you, not less.


Farouk I will always hold you very close in my heart for the brotherhood you showed me and so many others. I think it’s true value will only appreciate with time. I am devastated that we can’t work together anymore but I promise I will keep going with the extra power you always had. You are what legends are made of and will remain one forever. 

God rest your soul in peace. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Habitat 3 and the New Urban Agenda

Wow too long since a post!

Trying to fundraise and keep the fight going!!

We are currently in Quito, Ecuador trying to spread the gospel about UWH and learning about other innovations in the youth sector.

Learn more about the Habitat 3 conference here.

More pics soon!!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mobile Internet

A recent visit to the centre is stirring things up with the latest technology called BRCK. A mobile modem that helps connect young people to the online world.

Read about the visit here!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Wow no posts for too long :( Working hard to keep the fire burning

Thanks to everyone who made this project possible and for who is using the spaces.

INNOVATE KENYA from Nathaniel C. on Vimeo.

and some very nice news piece :)

(: Peace and Love to all the youth worldwide :) 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Innovate Kenya

For the past year I kept saying I would write about a certain project we have been working on with UN-HABITAT and SAMSUNG. Now that things are underway I can elaborate a little more about this awesome project we are a part of.

Innovate Kenya is the name of the project and it’s aim is to engage more youth in ICT (Information Communication Technology) and provide a space that can promote learning and entrepreneurship. Along with 5 other sites in Kenya, we were given funds to renovate a space in our centre and were provided with laptops and other goodies from Samsung. The program also has an E-Learning platform that allows a user to study online with the University of Fraser Valley and be given diplomas for courses such as Project Management and Community Mapping.

Although some of the community members we have do not know how to turn such a machine on, we have started classes on basic computer skills that are being taught by some of the top programmers in the country (one of them a young girl who was born and raised in the community). This space will help the 200 plus young people who are engaged in our centre to connect with the rest of the world and not only find opportunities but create them themselves.

We are very excited to be beneficiaries of this project and give a HUGE thank you to UN-HABITAT and SAMSUNG for supporting us. This will allow for many more youths to engage in positive activities that will give them desirable skills to take to the job market.


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Last UWH Dispatch of 2015 - PEACE

 Someone decided to pump their drainage on our field. Not very safe for the kids :(

Poo water

Check the kids blocking the pipe while we diffuse the situation

Make sure your phone is still there haha!

Building a new ICT Centre with UN-HABITAT and SAMSUNG :) 
Will show more on this awesome project soon

Raindrops falling

My new buddy named after me! Such an honour

Sugarcane Man

Kaka serving the people

Chef Mwas

Christmas Dinner for the street kids

Airport life

Adventures in lands and tastes

Such an intense year :O I am more than ever committed and inspired to provide positive spaces and opportunities for the youth of this planet!
See you on the Battlefield 2016

Sunday, 15 November 2015


It seems the years are getting more and more intense with time. Up With Hope has been in the Youth game for a while now and I can't tell if it's getting easier or harder. One thing is for sure and that is the world is starting to slowly wake up to the fact that supporting youth will definitely make a brighter future. 

Was really proud to be part of the first ever Asian Pacific Youth Summit in Indonesia.


For 3 days youth from all over the Asian Pacific region met in Jakarta and discussed about urbanization issues and our different roles we play in the society. Of course I made a short video!

 In Trujillo, Peru I learned about the fantastic work Rasa Joven is doing to bring hope back to the youth of the area who live in very difficult situations.
Rasa Joven gives contemporary dance classes to youth in different communities. They also have their also built their own schools and do community awareness programs for domestic sustainability.
Peru is an incredible country. Working on the video right now!

So not to down play this event but I guess this is all chronological. UN-HABITAT has released two reports on our community work together with Mathare Environmental Conseravtion Youth Group who has been changing the community since 1997. Get the reports here and here. Kind of a big deal.

 We presented the reports and findings at the Urban Thinkers Campus in Geneva. A huge thanks to Tone Vesterhus (pictured above) who spent 2 months in Mathare doing research on our projects and came up with amazing results. 

 The reports released by UN-HABITAT. Obviously we are proud :). 
Now watch the video we made to go with the report

 Meanwhile in Nairobi things are happening. Getting more visitors and partners. There was a week long tournament that had a free medical camp and feeding program. Just keeping the kids engaged at least. 

 A local hero who has since moved far and away to achieve his dreams and inspires the kids to do the same. Bigs thanks to Wachira and his wife for this day. Reach for the stars!

 Feeding program. The women of the community play a huge roll in keeping the kids fed!
A big thanks is due here to Fredrick Mwaura for believing in us.

 No shortage of smiles!

 The Mathare team invited to play against the UN team. Two games have been played each side winning one. A tie breaker is due...

Thats it for now... Time to hit the beach!