Saturday, 26 September 2015

UWH DISPATCH - September 2015 - Safaricom - Solar Lights - Rwanda

Around 6:30 I start to look towards where the sun is setting. Usually it's blocked by big buildings or walls and I see bright colours bouncing off clouds. This is my favourite time of day but rarely do I find myself sitting back with an icy drink taking in a fresh breath of air. Whether I am shooting video, doing someone a favour, or sitting in the back of the bus to do all of the above, I seem to be addicted to my life. The last time i had a good chunk of time off was years ago. Up With Hope is still alive in the depth of my entire existence. I hang on to hope as I walk past hungry kids passed out on the road, I hang on to hope when I shovel dirt into my friends graves and I hang on to hope as I wake up everyday to try and be a positive force in this world. 

Lot's of times kids want me to take their pictures and I wish I could give them the pics 

Live Music serenading us and the community while we work on the field. 

We partnered with Safaricom Foundation who donated some big terraces for the field

We also partnered with Philips who has installed solar power lights.

Now when the power goes off in the community the only light that shines is Slum Soccer! 

We download cartoons and watch them with the kids - this is my favorite work :)

Lots of visitors with no shortage of questions

Little Acts of Kindness youth outreach program that visited all the primary schools in Mathare to bring some positivity and leadership to the young kids before exams.

Big Up all the kids in Mathare!

 UN Mission to Rwanda with the Secretary General's Envoy on Youth to check out the youth situation. My video here! 

 The Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi during our mission to Rwanda when we hit the Congolese border
Rwanda was an incredible place. I am happy to have visited and learned about what incredible spaces they are building for young people there. 

Got some projects going with the United Nations bringing ICT space to young people all over Kenya. Learn more here

INNOVATE KENYA 2015 from Nathaniel C. on Vimeo.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Yesterday we hosted #YOUTHDAY at Slum Soccer. It was an amazing day as community members battled it out for the trophy. International Youth Day saw youth uniting from all around the world to raise our voices and take action. Thanks for everyone who organized and participated. This new space has been so vital for bringing the community together. Giving youth space to be active and call their own will help bring positive development for future generations. Without their own space many youth will perish into a toxic life with no future.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Up With Hope Dispacth June 2015 - #TEAMLAOK - National Youth Service - Yoga Mtaani

On the loose in Nairobi City. Spreading the UWH vibe high and low all over. Trying to get people help us build more space for youth!


UNEP - UNHABITAT Offices at the UN Africa HQ. It's an amazing facility. I feel like I'm in a Steven Soderbergh movie when I'm there. So many amazing people from around the world work there and I am very happy that these days people are now talking about the importance of creating public spaces, especially for youth!

Non stop soldiers from the region of Makadara, Mbotela.
Kamaliza Environmental Youth Group.

Expanding the local school. Farouk Omondi showing how its done as usual.

Little Acts of Kindness (LAOK) is doing amazing things in Mathare by helping people in Sports, Health, Culture, Education and outreach. A Sunday Power Session at Good Samaritans Children's Home in Mathare. Getting live with FIREBRAND and #TEAMLAOK. The kids here are so amazing. They life such difficult lives. Somethings I never could imagine. 

These kids need a playground!!

 Mathare Youth dominating the urban agriculture techniques

 National Youth Service has made Mathare very lively these days. Everyone you know walks around in green shirts carrying this and that. They are still building new spaces for the community. These youth are responsible for removing nearly 4,000 truck loads of waste out of the community. Currently they are building a clinic, posho mill, toilet and a police station. Thats only in Mlango Kubwa. There are plenty of projects in the other villages. 

New friends have come to the Mathare Social Hall to teach Yoga for free on saturdays at 8AM.


Finally found the skatepark in Kenya. Thanks to my new friend Kevo whose passion for skateboarding brings back the kid I was. Kevo rolled his ankle badly on sunday while flying off a barrier in the middle of Moi Ave. (The main busy road in the City Centre). We had to carry him up to his bus. As he limps onto the bus he exclaims with a giant grin "THIS IS THE LIFE!"