Monday, 22 July 2013

Kaka on the Map!

Our Partner Kaka was recently featured in an online magazine displaying his efforts as a community leader trying to create an online database by mapping his community with GPS tracking units. His work, along with many others have created a digital map of their community that once showed on maps was a open and undeveloped space. I'll let the article do the explaining! Amazing work Kaka!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Boom Boom Nation_Connecting Communities_East Van to Eastlands!!

Up With Hope has many amazing people and groups who fuel the fire we use as light to follow the path that guides us. One of the greatest parts of working with UWH is the international connections that inspire and support the our effort. The backbone of our power is the young people who are part of positive and meaningful movements that lead to real and visible changes on the ground. The grassroots relationships formed by connecting communities has such an incredible impact it's difficult to quantify or display until you become a part of it. Thats the truth right there.

Look at this video and see the power of bringing communities together who are dedicated to having a powerful impact on their environment and neighbourhoods.

Once more we must be gracious for the relationship we have with The Music Tree who has been with us since day one.

And watch out for the Boom Boom Nation taking over!!

Get out there young people, your community needs you now more than ever!!