Thursday, 28 November 2013

Roots of the Grass

While we start preparing for 2014, we reflect on this past year with both happiness and sadness. The sharp pain from the tragic loss of one of our Mathare Environmental members is ever present. As we continue to mourn, not just the life of Ndoch but the many others who also passed away this year, the pressure to strengthen our role as youths is as strong as ever.

Though amid the difficult times, positivity is present. Our work continues to bring hope and inspire people who work so hard to bring change.

Our partner Farouk the indestructible who is endlessly mentoring youth is now sharing his expertise with other youth groups starting recycling businesses. He trains them on processing techniques and introduces them to the recycling industries where the youth go to sell recycled material.

The urban agriculture projects are the most exciting as we see the transformation from empty or polluted space to a bustling garden that breeds life. 

There are more photos to post of some our exciting projects as well as concepts for new projects for 2014. We keep the torch burning.