Saturday, 27 November 2010


I like my life because I get to meet amazing people doing amazing things. Meeting the people at BROSIS was no exception. Watch more incredible people and how they take control of their own communities.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Victorious Youth Group

So I have talked about Mobile Movement on here a few times.
anyways I'm doing videos highlighting the groups that are working with MM. Some of these people are amazing. Here is the first of many to come. I think filming the intro was the funnest part.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Armageddon for breakfast

The feeling you get when you stand next to your friend and watch their house burn down is a bad one. Fires love slums. It's a perfect place for them to turn into an uncontrollable tower of sun heat, grabbing on to all the little shacks dry brittle wooden frames. And the Nairobi breeze that is salvation in the hot days is a fires best friend. I watched as one small electrical fire suddenly transformed in to a twisted inferno in the time of 20 minutes, engulfing massive plots of land sending entire families running up the hill with nothing but their mattress and a pile of clothes wrapped up in a bed sheet. Some people acted as though this was the millionth time they've had to deal with their places burning down, and some acted as if it was the apocalypse. We waited while the fire trucks got lost in the maze of Mathare's shanty town and when they did arrive, most of the residents had to take over the fire fighters jobs because they showed up drunk. I was told two children died but it's hard to know if it's true or not.

(A few minutes into the fire)

I handed my twenty-two year old friend Bernard a cigarette right after we watched everything he owned go up in smoke. He could barely light the smoke with his shaky hands. Bernard helps us in the recycling centre and is a jack of all trades. He dreams of being an electrician but can't afford the school. He used to have a job in a fish market until someone wanted their friend to get hired and told the boss that Bernard was stealing from the job.

I hope I never have to experience what it is like to lose everything in the flash of an eye. If I do, I will remember the strength of the people that day and how when the next day I saw them, things were being rebuilt and Bernard was running around laughing as usual.

The past few weeks have been extremely extreme for me. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I'll spare the details but thanks to the advice of my great mother back in Canada, I was left with no other option (besides going to a doctor, always a last resort for me) but to lie upside down while my friend poured hot salt water down my nose. It felt like a battery acid inside my brain but I was cured almost immediately which left me with a conundrum, do moms know everything?

The other events that transpired are not something I would want to write about on here because I know some people would never want to come here to read again. Not that they are things that I have done, rather more things I have seen that will be singed into my memory probably for as long as I will live. If you do like twisted stuff, drop me a line and I'll tell you a Rated R story.

Here are some other things I have learned this week.

Zambians are the coolest.

BBQ'd goat ribs are totally delicious.

If everyone yells and screams at a DJ, you can actually make him cry and go home.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Down Things Up Things

For some reason I decided to go out and party friday night with a vicious cold. It was an amazing venue that I couldn't believe I had never been to before. "Carnivore" holds monthly concerts for all the different tribes and I was invited by a bunch of Luhyas for "Luhya Night" . I didn't want to miss out on some fun dancing so I went even though I had already started yawning nonstop around dinner time. 5 minutes after arriving at around midnight and being forced to go into the middle of the audience which was easily three thousand people all standing shoulder to shoulder dancing like mad (I like to stand on the side lines and enjoy space) I went to put my phone in the pouch that I wear around my neck because it was too full to not take the precaution and it had already been snatched. So basically I'm telling this story because I won't be posting photos on here for a while. The replacement phone I got takes horrible pictures.

These are the last photos I'll be able to upload. This is a project I worked on renovating Mama Stacey's restaurante. It was really fun and it has really brought a lot of color into the neighborhood. I've seen some crazy transformations happen in Mlango Kubwa since I started hanging out there. I told Kaka that soon it will turn into a place like East Vancouver, where it becomes so popular that the rent no longer is affordable for the people who grew up there. It still has a long way to go before that happens.
So here are some before and after photos I took while working with friends.

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