Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Meanwhile in East Africa

Learn about yourself and push the boundaries of what you think you can do, such an important part of personal growth. Expressing yourself creatively is one of the greatest forms of reflection and its therapeutic qualities are totally unique. Always trying to encourage this with the youth UWH works with.

Pumped this gem out the other day in the Kamaliza/Up With Hope centre. A giant fiber coated table top created by the centres genius member “Jaka” shown in the pic.

“Man is a universe in himself”
Bob marley – 1978

Some Sweet graffiti on the centres notice board.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Rest and you rust"

 After a short break to do fundraising, UWH is happy to announce that we are starting a new initiative to assist young women in the vibrant community of Mlango Kubwa, Mathare. Our partner group (Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group) has recently added 15 females to the membership roster with the intention of giving the young women a chance to make a difference in the community and improve their livelihoods.

 UWH is working with these women by providing grants towards the implementation of new income generating activities within the MECYG centre. The young women are full of bright ideas for the kind of businesses they see potential in. Equipping the newly built kitchen to help feed the numerous hungry youth who chill out in the centre who don’t have many options when the belly starts to growl is a necessity we have been discussing for a long time.

 We believe giving opportunities to young people is the answer to addressing key issues that we face in the world we live in today. Poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and working for a bright future are now responsibilities that lay in the hands of us young people after a generation of careless money hungry barons plundered and destroyed so much of what we humans depended on since we started to roam the earth.

 That being said, a big thank you is due to Music Tree Foundation for continuing to support UWH’s endeavors that over the years have allowed us to create an enormous impact on the communities we work in.

                                                                   THINK BIG
                                                              STAY POSITIVE