Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Watch a community build their first sports field

We have a new video online that quickly captures the 'Slum Soccer" project and the events that followed. This has been a great project although we still want to do some work on it such as drainage and lighting. Mlango Kubwa is such an amazing community in Mathare with so many amazing characters and bright young minds! 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Daily Operations

A video of daily operations in the Kamaliza recycling centre. Up With Hope Plastic shredding machine with a brand new installed motor and two other machines operating. This video was taken as a roof was being placed above the machines

Monday, 2 February 2015

January just happened..

Seems like the rest of the year got booked up in the last couple weeks. My head is spinning still so it could be a good idea to write down what just happened. 

The year started off in tragedy as a 7 story building collapsed killing 5 people. Our team who we've partnered with from Little Acts of Kindness gathered a relief team and soon we were putting together survival kits and delivering them to the victims and providing warm food to the army and relief teams who were digging through the rubble for survivors.

Most of the month was spent fixing up our recycling machines and in two days of using the welding machine in the sun managed to burn my entire face and neck that led to my lips literally peeling off. The machines are in amazing shape considering they've been around for almost 6 years. It's a great business and this is where Up With Hope started originally by providing space for youth groups to engage in the recycling sector. 6 years later and we are still at it! 

The United Nations paid us a visit and we played them our SLUM SOCCER documentary. Video is really a powerful tool for sharing information and they were all blown away at what we've accomplished with almost next to nothing in resources. I went up and spoke in front of the UN delegation while wearing my filthy coveralls covered in paint and dust and talked about how youth need space to share and the impact it makes. Apparently they listened because we have a new project with them that I'll write about when more develops. 

Apart from doing maintenance on the centre and a trip to the rural area to bury one of our member's father, the sun is hotter this season than I ever remember and most time outside is spent running from one shady spot to another. 

Heres some documentation of January:

        Starting off the year with maintenance

Removable volleyball nets installed on the pitch

Workshop guard dog has had the cutest litter ever

Mathare village

Supervising contruction with Little Acts of Kindness

On a serious mango mission

A quick moment of serenity before whipping back to the city

A sunset from Buru Buru
Peace out!