Monday, 18 May 2015

Up With Hope Dispatch May 2015

Mathare Environmental have teamed up with a local partner Fredrick Maura who has been supporting the feeding program for disadvantaged members / Street kids of the community. These people live incredibly difficult lives and members of MECYG are doing such an inspiring job of cooking for them in the morning purely out of goodwill. Fredrick has been able to return some of them to their villages at their requests and return them to their families who some of didn’t know if their children were alive or not. Amazing work and the true definition of Up With Hope!


We have teamed up with the UN to facilitate the installation of ICT centres in Nairobi. The project is based on engaging youth in governance and entrepreneurship through ICT (Informtation Communication Technology) This will be a considerable undertaking but we are looking forward to it. Especially what the bright young minds will come up with!


I have joined the Nairobi Skateboarding Association. They have already won awards for their work in communities and have funds they want to use to create space for other youth. They are charming youth with a healthy appetite for life. 


With out any major UWH projects on the go at the moment I still keep my self busy by helping out in whatever capacity I can in other initiatives and events. Kaka is very good at keeping me informed and gets me out whenever there is something to do. People who need guidance or are looking to bring projects to the ground contact kaka all throughout the day. He is an inspiring leader and will most likely run for MCA of Mlango Kubwa in the 2017 federal elections. 

I personally love the vertical gardens that MECYG is growing on the roof of the centre. This is a project supported by the National Youth Service who has employed thousands of youth in Mathare to be civil servants and create opportunities for youth. It is a six-month program that is in its third month. 

A major time consumer is burials, which means leaving Nairobi almost every weekend at the request of community members who have lost a loved one. We are well known members of the community and usually travel in a very large delegation. We were recently invited to the home of Hon. Raila Odinga former prime minister and presidential aspirant who I met with great honor. 

Thanks for checking in :) One Love!