Friday, 22 January 2016

Innovate Kenya

For the past year I kept saying I would write about a certain project we have been working on with UN-HABITAT and SAMSUNG. Now that things are underway I can elaborate a little more about this awesome project we are a part of.

Innovate Kenya is the name of the project and it’s aim is to engage more youth in ICT (Information Communication Technology) and provide a space that can promote learning and entrepreneurship. Along with 5 other sites in Kenya, we were given funds to renovate a space in our centre and were provided with laptops and other goodies from Samsung. The program also has an E-Learning platform that allows a user to study online with the University of Fraser Valley and be given diplomas for courses such as Project Management and Community Mapping.

Although some of the community members we have do not know how to turn such a machine on, we have started classes on basic computer skills that are being taught by some of the top programmers in the country (one of them a young girl who was born and raised in the community). This space will help the 200 plus young people who are engaged in our centre to connect with the rest of the world and not only find opportunities but create them themselves.

We are very excited to be beneficiaries of this project and give a HUGE thank you to UN-HABITAT and SAMSUNG for supporting us. This will allow for many more youths to engage in positive activities that will give them desirable skills to take to the job market.