Monday, 23 December 2013

Slum Soccer Tournament

During the christmas season, when all the kids are off school, things can get a little boring. So we teamed up to create the first Slum Soccer Tournament at the green space we completed in 2012. It was a major success thanks to all the members at Mathare Environmental.

Merry Christmas!!

Slum Soccer Tournament from Nathaniel C. on Vimeo.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Happy Birthday Kenya! Farewell Madiba

Kenya is now officially 50 years old since independence. It is also marked by the loss of a Global hero named Nelson "Madiba" Mandela. I hope his inspiring legacy to bring equality to the human race has left a impression on everyone the way it has on myself. His memory is a incredible example of the impact one can have who lives to bring positive change amongst society.
Here are some images from the past week or so from around Nairobi. We are currently working on the construction of a large poultry farm at the Kamaliza Youth Centre and have a number of other projects on the way :)

Local members caring for the livestock

Kids rolling around on the grass on our outdoor play area in Mathare

 Myself (Nathaniel) and my besty Miriam as we take a break for pictures.

We visited Youth Foundation in Mathare who have been very successful at creating a massive urban garden amongst extreme difficulties. The farm provides sustenance for many slum dwellers just like the young mothers in the background harvesting some greens for lunch.

A lot of passion fruit is almost ready for eating at our green space in Mathare. Long live urban gardens!

Local soldiers at the Kamaliza centre

 Farouk during one of his trainings of youth in Mathare slum who are starting a waste management business. Farouk helps determine what is needed for the number of residents they will be collecting garbage from and what is in that garbage and how it can be transformed into cash $$$

 Nairobi Eastlands, home of many major athletes who go on to be National heroes. Here a young Eric Owuor enters the ring being mentored by none other than Up With Hope's Farouk. 

Dadi taking care of the rabbits at the rabbit farm in our Kamaliza centre. The sustainable protein of the future!

Photos are nice, because they show the dynamics of what is happening on the ground everyday here at Up With Hope. More photos to come!