Sunday, 5 May 2013

Slum Soccer Success!

A little over a year ago members of UWH and Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group decided to remove a mountain of garbage and replace it with a green space available for young people and the community. 
The concept was no small undertaking.
 Typical day moving mountains (by hand) ;)
Goodbye garbage
Do a little paint job
A star member Bena, could teach youth a thing or two about volunteering and trying to give back 
Week one of the first Slum Soccer Pitch. This includes the garden behind the goal post. 
The dust was almost unbearable while playing so what was the best option that didn't involve paving cement?
 We planted four different types of grass to make sure that we had the best chances of having a type that  would survive the conditions. After three to four months of restricted access, the grass had a healthy spread to all corners.

With the Garden flourishing as well, future leader Raphael and his amigos now have a safe place to run around and be free :)