Monday, 26 November 2012

The Stars of Pequininos Ladies Cafeteria

 The women who have been working tirelessly in the Pequininos Ladies Cafeteria are setting an example to youth and especially other females in the community by showing that they are more than ready to take responsibility for themselves and focus on something that improves not only their livelihoods, but others around them by using skills and resources that are locally available. Only when you truly rely on yourself and work hard, the doors of opportunity gracefully open themselves to other bright worlds.

 Here is what some of the inspiring women have to say about starting Pequininos Ladies Cafeteria

                                                                Caroline Karanja

“This job is a lot of work but the social aspect is what I enjoy the most. I’m working here with friends and we know each other so well. Other friends help us and we are also feeding our friends and community members so it shows we are doing something positive”  

      Caroline Wandia Mercy

“I like this job. It is up to us to see if we can make it happen. We are trying to make something here for the future because we want to be self-reliant women. I was working in South Sudan but I had to return because of my child, so this kitchen is an opportunity for me. We have to use this chance Up With Hope has helped give us”

Helen Mweru

“Now we are trying hard to show to other women in the community what we are doing and we want to set an example for them. I couldn’t believe this kitchen was really going to happen. Since I joined here I feel more connected and active, before I was idle”

Judy Muthoni Karanja

“This is actually very tiresome and challenging. We are trying very hard. The good thing is that I like challenges and responsibilities because these are very good experiences for me and I have learned a lot. The best is the socializing, working here in the center with friends and having customers makes me feel good and shows we are doing things right”

While this initiative has only just begun, Up With Hope as well as other group members  continue to ensure these new entrepreneurs know they have boundless support behind them.