Friday, 2 November 2012


Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group, That's the name of a group we have been working with for what seems like a lifetime now. Conservation is the key word.  

Kaka (above) is one of our main guys who is always dreaming big and green. Him and a host of other are the success behind it all. 

Our green space project that we started in April 2012 behind the groups community centre was a huge success. The residents enjoy it, the members enjoy it and the kids can't get enough of it :) We said if it worked we would put grass on the adjacent football pitch. So that's what we are doing now!

 We have just reached one week after we planted the grass. Fertilizer and lots of water to keep it going. It's looking fabulous and soon the grass will spread all over. It's going to be a chill / play zone of epic proportions where one can play football, host events or even take a nap, we're all looking forward to the latter ;)

In an area like Mathare village, this type of thing is not normal and we are really hoping to be able to bring this to other groups! UP WITH HOPE. BE GREEN!!

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