Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Up With Hope Goes Female

After years of talking about how amazing it would be to have a centre with a kitchen to supply food for the bellies of the locals, our efforts have finally become a reality. 


It’s been four months since the first ever female members joined Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group and in that time we have worked together to create a wonderful opportunity for members and residents to be a part of.  The kitchen is inside of the Mathare Centre that Up With Hope had a large part in building. 

Previously unemployed young females who have shown great effort and enthusiasm to get operations up and running, lead “Pequininos Ladies Cafeteria”.  

On a personal note: This was my first time trying to coordinate a female led project. I have spent a lot of time trying to make this kitchen real. From the drawings for the architects to building it with our bare hands to finding the start up money it has needless to say been a work in progress for years and it hasn’t been easy either. Yesterday when we all ate our first meal cooked by female members in the kitchen, I felt incredible fulfillment. These milestone accomplishments inspire me to continue working on projects that deliver results with an impact. Big thanks to all our supporters and of course our family over at Music Tree who help us make it all happen!!

The next thing we are buying is a cappuccino machine. 


  1. Amazing work! Introduce us to the women who are running the show. I would love to hear more from them.

  2. amazing. keep it up my friend. Where do we donate?

  3. You can donate on the website or cheque/paypal in Canada. All donations are tax deductible in Canada.