Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Down Things Up Things

For some reason I decided to go out and party friday night with a vicious cold. It was an amazing venue that I couldn't believe I had never been to before. "Carnivore" holds monthly concerts for all the different tribes and I was invited by a bunch of Luhyas for "Luhya Night" . I didn't want to miss out on some fun dancing so I went even though I had already started yawning nonstop around dinner time. 5 minutes after arriving at around midnight and being forced to go into the middle of the audience which was easily three thousand people all standing shoulder to shoulder dancing like mad (I like to stand on the side lines and enjoy space) I went to put my phone in the pouch that I wear around my neck because it was too full to not take the precaution and it had already been snatched. So basically I'm telling this story because I won't be posting photos on here for a while. The replacement phone I got takes horrible pictures.

These are the last photos I'll be able to upload. This is a project I worked on renovating Mama Stacey's restaurante. It was really fun and it has really brought a lot of color into the neighborhood. I've seen some crazy transformations happen in Mlango Kubwa since I started hanging out there. I told Kaka that soon it will turn into a place like East Vancouver, where it becomes so popular that the rent no longer is affordable for the people who grew up there. It still has a long way to go before that happens.
So here are some before and after photos I took while working with friends.

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  1. what an amazing transformation! nice work everyone!