Wednesday, 29 April 2009


We have one day left of building in Makadara. I am seriously pooped. The sun has been merciless of late so I was very thankful to get the roof on today so we could work under the shade. I think the combination of an extremely tight schedule and the simmering heat has made Sean and I a little impatient and at times angry. As much as I love the work, it is so frustrating trying to get things done when you have five fifteen year old's from the neighborhood, hovering around you trying to pull the hammer out of your hand or trying to tell you what to do. These kids are basically idle all day, everyday so they are with us from start to finnish, but I had to put an end to their involvement when the work started to get technical. We have hired skilled workers and we have the local stragglers. The stragglers will pick up any tool at any time and just start banging at something, this has caused me a few out bursts where the locals heard many four letter words yelled in their direction. This isn't to say that we are groing strong relationships with this crew. There are some really cool dudes we are working with and once again I am so grateful that we were able to work in this area and meet these solid people.

Today we had a visit from the Executive Director of Environment from Nairobi. I think this is the end of us working completely under the radar like we have up till now. When we were working in Kibera, there was not one peep from the city council because no one cares about that place. Now that we are somewhere else, people are raising all kinds of stinks and we are trying to roll with it as we keep working. It was silly for us to assume that we could just walk into a neighborhood and start building a massive centre with out getting caught. We tried at least..

Tomorrow after work we are heading to the coast for some heavy RnR in Mombasa. Friday here is Labour day so we will have a nice 3 day relaxation period and then back to work on monday. Now Im going to go home, make some tasty burritos, have a beer and PASS OUT.

Ill post some video or photos soon.

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  1. hey Justin

    Sounds like your doing some great work. Can't wait to see the photos and videos.

    Keep it up.


    Ps. Sorry we didn't get a chance to go for that coffee.