Saturday, 25 April 2009

Moving Forward

The end of our first week of Construction in the Makadara Constituency came to a close on Friday, with the successful completion of the first step of the waste management centre. After a lot of hard work put in by a number of ambitious youth, the weeks work was completed on schedule and only slightly over budget, which we can’t be more pleased about. It was more difficult getting the guys to stop for lunch then it was to get them to work, which is always nice. The Materials needed for next week’s work are already on site, and we are hopeful that the walls will be up and the roof on by the end of this coming week. Below are a few photos showing the completion of the foundation.

Next week is also the beginning of the waste Management training that will see about 60 youth, divided into three groups over the next three weeks, trained on waste management techniques such as plastics sorting and processing, briquette making, and composting.

We have also continued working closely with our friends in Kibera, trying to build on what we have already accomplished with them there, and are hopeful that things will continue to move forward

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