Saturday, 23 May 2009

Celine Dion and Plastic Fires

 Yesterday was the last day of construction in Mathare. There are a few more things to finish up but yesterday was the last day that we would be working with the full crew. Friday was a full 13 hour day that really knocked me out. By the end of the day Sean and I were hustling ultra hard to get the last bit of cement poured while about 100 community members made of babies to old men and women surrounded us staring and giving us orders. Sean and I were at wits end. As random locals were yelling out to us that we missed a spot Sean would yell "I DONT WANT ANY MORE PEANUT GALLERY!"
and I would follow up with "SHUT UP! WE DON'T CARE! WHO ARE YOU?!". 
It was more than insane. We are always calm and collected until random people start surrounding us trying to tell us things we don't know. 
It was a race to finish that we didnt win. We spent friday from dawn till dusk building but we have to go back soon at the beginning of this week to finish up some of the walls and put in some steps. The past five weeks, waking up at 530 with the hour and half commute plus 12 hour days have taken their toll. Sleeping in, waking up and making a huge breakfast with sausage hashbrowns, eggs and coffee was a beautiful thing today. 
Here are the photos from the Mathare construction. Ill post the finished product when its done. I'm seriously sad the building is over. I grew really attached to the crew. 

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