Saturday, 30 May 2009

getting blogged

  Now that the construction of both centres has finished, we have been working with the different youth groups on how the centres will be governed. Some of these meetings are really hilarious as some of the discussions that can go on and on about wether or not the employees should be provided tea during the shifts or wether or not they should start at 830 or 9. We are attempting to set these centres up as a recycling co-operative within the community. All the youth groups in the constituency of Makadara will work to keep the centre running. On tuesday the business simulation training will start. This is where people selected from the 14 youth groups are given business training which will ultimately teach them on how to succesfully run the centre as a proper business. Im super excited to see where this is going and have a really good feeling about it. 
  The days have been a lot slower since the construction stopped. No more 12-13 hour days. I'm happy to not have to wake up at 530 every morning but I definetely miss spending everyday in the crazy neighborhoods. To celebrate the completion I bought myself a bottle of Jameson. 

Here are some photos of us hanging out with friends in Kibera.

The man next to me in this photo is one of my biggest heroes. Jacob a.k.a Rasta is one cool cat.

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  1. Hi Nathaniel, Happy Canada Day!!
    Thanks for giving Canada a good name.
    Keep up the good work.

    Unco Miko.