Saturday, 16 May 2009

Getting your shillings worth.

So here is the video I promised yesterday. I'm suprised I got it done when I did, but honestly I love editing these things so working on them is no chore at all. Here I have tried to show how exactly construction works over here, especially on a grass roots level. Most structures in poor neighborhoods are thrown together with whatever one can find and are usually comprised of scrap wood, old metal and mud. 
The centre is not much to look at, but try to remember that the structure itself doesn't have to be amazing, after all it's for garbage. This is also to show how you go about building something without any electricty whatsoever. We are now doing it for a third time in Mathare and I don't even think about it anymore. Before I used to think "this would be so much easier with a drill" or "why can't I just have a skill saw" but now I can use a hand saw like nobodies business and never really think about how much easier everything is back home. Another really positive aspect to these centres being built is the lack of garbage being produced. As most of us know, construction sites produce infinite amounts of waste, as where here, the only garbage we make is the bags the cement comes in, and even then the youth groups use them as heavy duty garbage bags. We use every inch of material and nothing goes to waste. I love it. That was my biggest peev working on sites at home, was the amount of shit that I had to throw out. Check it out. 

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  1. Hi Justin, Nathanael and Sean, Great to read you. Your video is way better than the National's I think you should do more. Sounds like you are working like mad with an audience! I started peaking at the Vancity grants but I'm on holidays right now in Paris, so when I get back. Yes I'm busy eating foie gras while you're sweating away. It's only temporary. Makiko is in Paris as well I think she's leaving tomorrow. Take care, b