Monday, 22 June 2009

Nancy Drew! (What did she draw?)

 Today was not ordinary. We had a special clean up around the Recycling centre in Makadara before the big shebang launch we are having on friday. This mean't picking up all the garbage that was lying around, cutting the grass, etc. Today was the first day and hopefully the only day where I had to sort through the garbage and separate the plastics (bare hands).The plastics that have been festering in garbage for weeks and covered in odd colours and slimes. The smell was exactly how Justin described it "pure baby poo".  Here are some photos from today. The actual pictures are amazing, I scrunch them down so I can put them on here fast and easy and they look like garbage, but you get the idea. 

Yesterday we went to an international rugby competition. The sun was roasting. We drank so many beers and never peed. I laughed the entire 7 hours I was there. Drunken Kenyans are some of the funniest people you will ever meet. And bar none the best hecklers on this planet. Every white woman who passed infront of the bleachers was named "Nancy Drew" and everyone took the chance to scream it out as every white chicked walked by. I cried of laughing when one guy said "What did she draw?"  


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