Saturday, 27 June 2009

we is da human beans

WOW WOW WOwee. Yesterday from dawn to this mornings sunrise was one long hot party day.  You know those days that start so early and alcohol consumption begins long before sunset, the hot sun beating down on you while one drink is as easily slurped as the next, and the next, going on well into the early morning hours. Well that was the kind of day we had. And it was more fun than driving backwards down a highway.

The launch went great. We had nothing to do with organizing it, which we were elated about. A massive crowd swarmed in as the area MP came to grace us with his honorable presence. Giving a long-winded twenty-minute speech. Old women danced and sang. Drunken people yelled about being hungry, it was your typical Kenyan ceremony in everyway. People gave us lots of love and it was nice.

Then we made our crew walk to our place where we cooked 25 kilos of beef for 60 people. It was so great to have the people over who we have spent so much time with in their crazy neighborhoods. We had people from all over Nairobi, and my bedroom was the grimiest, sweatiest, and smokiest of them all. At one point a 40-year-old haggard man was passed out on my bed. What was even better was for a while there was no electricity as well as no running water (we more often than not don’t have a drip of running water in the house). So we celebrated the launch of the business and our soon departure from this wonderful and insane city. 

This was the massive crowd who showed up with the MP. The video I took of it is one of the best things I have seen in Kenya.
Listening to many speeches in Swahili is always the most fun

Justin taking one for the team and thanking the community, I wasn't too into the Microphone

The area MP having a very Kenyan speech. Some how he managed to turn the direction of waste management into Politics. Its a constant campaign. 
The unveiling of the centre also came with a long list of equipment that was supplied by the CDF for the groups we were working with who are doing garbage collection. 
Here is a few of the people who we have been working with in the past 3 months. There is Mathare people and Makadara people here. 
We are demonstrating our amazing plastic shredding technique with the new machine we bought for the centre.
Not everything is business.

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