Monday, 8 March 2010

its 6 degrees of separation....

I have never contributed to a blog, nor written.This is my first attempt. I have to start however by denying bragging rights to one Nathaniel, a workaholic married to environmental work who has piled tons and tons of pressure on me to contribute on this blog. I have done this out of my volition. I cannot allow him to score 100% here..99% is good enough already! Who would have imagined that some dude from the west would come over here and strike such a tight working relationship with local youth? Is there reason to continue believing that good work ethics is not transferable amongst people with different provenance? Even when they share sense of purpose? Justin,Nathaniel and Sean came by and worked with young people here for almost a year. The result is, people like KAKA, with renewed sense of purpose and confidence are taking the reigns of community service to a whole new level! What this guy has achieved in his few years as a youth and community worker puts to shame many politicians and public figures from a round the city! If kenya has to rebuild itself from the ashes of 2007 post elections violence, then young people like kaka need to be supported and encouraged to aim higher in public service sector. I can hear the murmurs from a distance encouraging him to get into politics....He moved a huge mound of garbage from his neighborhood....he could be the broom to sweep the dirt from the political field......we have a swahili saying; Mgema a kisifiwa, tembo hulitia maji! It roughly translate to.. if you praise the brewer for a nice brew, he will be tempted to add water! enough of Kaka.

Let me end this by saying that it has not been easy, it is not easy and it wont be easy. To move things this far needs a certain kind of spirit, a spirit that i have seen from the Up with hope dudes and folks at Environmental youth a alliance. I guess its your turn!

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  1. I'm assuming that this was patrick that posted this story. Way to pop your blog cherry.