Monday, 8 March 2010

Kenyan scarp yards are my favorite place in the rain

Here is the business we deal with buying plastics. I'll give you a quick step by step.

1. Go and visit the many scrap yards of Nairobi and see what they have for sale. If they are selling plastics at a good price your in business.
2. Get as many people who are part of the centre mobilized and tell them to meet early morning at the yard. Start filling up bags with the plastic, try to sing songs to make it more fun. The pile you're looking at is about 5 tonnes. This day we were buying 1 ton. I'd like to add how grueling this work is, you get covered in garbage water and all kinds of shit flying at your face.

3. Take a break usually around 1 pm and have some lunch at one of the millions of restaurants that look like this. Usually meat stew with ugali.

4. After you weigh each bag, start to fill the truck you have rented for the day.
5. Putting the plastic in the truck is not easy. Each bag weighs about 70 kgs (150 pounds)
6. Get on the truck and get the plastic to the centre. This is always my favourite part of the day.

It seems like I'm spending a lot of time in these scrap yards. So much that I am becoming desensitized and actually picking through the garbage for valuables like everyone else I work with. My favourite things to find are coat hangers and I just found a nice potato peeler.


  1. ooooo yellow.

    nice to see your face budski.


  2. i thought you guys were selling, not buying! when you get home, there's always my basement to clean, if you're nostalgic for piles of crap!

    Impressed, as ever, by your dedication...good on you.