Monday, 17 May 2010

2 goats 1 knife

Weekend Recap?

I Went and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy Players. A local acting group who put on plays and shows for the kids and community. They are a very lively and fun bunch. We went to a shwanky dinner at the church where people made speeches and ate lots of food. That all finished around 1 am and then we brought everyone to our house and preceeded to grill the second goat of the evening. Our second meal was at 4 am. Then we played truth or dare until 7 am. All of the guys did a striptease for each girl, it was hilarious. I Woke up at 3pm and then Kaka came over where I showed him the recycling video he is in that you can watch below. Then him and a bunch of us went to my favourite place to dance and we got juicy. We were supposed to go to the coast this weekend but it didn't happen so this was a way of consoling ourselves.

On the left touching his chin is Titi. He is our storyteller and he comes over almost everynight and tells me a story while I cook dinner. He actually does it for a living and performs all over the country. He has some of the best African folk tales ever. My favourite line from him is "Nathaniel the police were scaring me so much that I was almost urinating on myself"


I'm stuck in this shitty cyber cafe because the rain is so heavy right now. They have Whitney Houston blasting on the speakers and the cyber employee is blasting backstreet boys "show me the meaning of being lonely" from his computer. I really need to get internet at home...

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