Friday, 22 October 2010

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.

Thought I would put more photos instead of text. I love having a camera on my phone because I hate carrying around alot of technology in my pocket. Even though the quality isn't top of the line, it's better than nothing and I know that most people who buy big expensive cameras never even print anything anyways so what is the point of having some monstrosity hanging around your neck? I love seeing tourists walking around holding their cameras white knuckled with their backpacks on their front and when I say love I mean makes me sick. Here are some flicks of stuff while just hanging around.

Hiding from the rain that felt like it was tearing off your skin.

African Pimp my ride. The posters of the guy on the vehicle is Mike Sonko, our new MP for Makadara which is the constituency we live in. He drives around in a hummer with gucci suits and gold rings on every finger. He is very generous with his money though, although no one really knows how he has so much of it.

We had a picnic under that tree, it was nice. Look at how the only place the light is touching is my beautiful friend.

The frontline soldiers in the battle against Nairobi dust. My face is perpetually exploding.

The world famous Kibera. Sometimes I can't believe it's my phone that takes these pictures.

Back Alley Gynos don't seem like the best idea. Bingo House girls on the other hand...

Click on the photo to see the wire that snapped and started shooting sparks everywhere while we were just standing there talking. You could hear this old drunk guy yelling "PROBLEM PROBLEM PROBLEM!" "NOMA NOMA NOMA!"

I like to stare at the roses in my garden and learning how to trim them so they turn like this.

I made 4 wheel barrows from stuff I saved from the Garbage

Paradise Lost under the water fall. I want to live here.

Taking Stacey for swimming. She can walk very fast now.

A sweet day for swimming

Kaka + Stacey 4 eva

Stacey Loves Water. She cried when we pulled her out. I on the other hand have some weird blood problem and can only jump in the water for one minute and then feel like I'm turning into ice. I have to lie on the hot cement while convulsing for a few minutes. This is why I live in Kenya because I hate cold with an intense passion.

Walking home with the buddies. That Yellow sickly looking cow named "beefy Bob" on the billboard freaks me out big time.

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  1. Great to see the photos, Nathaniel...let people know if you need things, specifically. Maybe someday we'll be back.. Lin