Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rude Boi Recyclers and National Youth Council

So one of our best buddies was elected into the first ever Kenyan Nationa Youth Council. It will be a long time before anyone knows how it is going to turn out (especially since politicians have already half way burnt it to the ground) but it is a great that our own Mike Mkubwa was elected. I helped him a little bit on his campaign by making his poster for him. We wrote the content together and I would like to believe it helped him get elected.

Unfortunately environmental campaigns have yet to really attract a lot of attention on this planet. Our recycling endeavours are pressing on as usual. Although it's true we have recieved some incredible support from people all over the world and continue to do so, but when it comes time to really getting down and dirty people seem to really love only giving directions (and I'm not talking about needing unskilled volunteers). This is not going to be one of those ranting days. I'm feeling to good about everything going on to sound like a whimpy. We are still going strong and that's just how we do. We just keep writing proposal after proposal and such is life.

So apart from dealing with waste I like to make videos. I spent a few days with Kibera Big Man JACKYZEBRAZ. It's got some cool Kibera shots.

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