Thursday, 22 September 2011

we r the weeners

So we won best Documentary at the Slum Film Festival. It was really a big surge of encouragement to me and my crew. Big ups to Mathare in Motion!

Shooting movies in slums is #1 most stressful thing I do in my life. Within 2 minutes of setting up you have a crowd of 100 kids, grandmothers and drunks running around you, asking questions, trying to touch the equipment. It's really hard to not snap and sometimes I do. This little video I shot during the whole fest I think shows exactly how ridiculously hard it is trying to stay organized while shooting in one of the biggest slums on earth. It was a really great event and I hope it keeps going. This was the first ever Slum Film Fest (We think in the world, but we still can't figure that out).

Slum Film Festival 2011.

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