Thursday, 27 October 2011

Occupy Mlango Kubwa (These pics are for you Karis)

Youth globally continue to express their dissatisfaction with the system that is making it more and more difficult to have any future prospects whether it be getting a decent education or paying rent. I am a big fan of anyone who chooses to speak up and raise shit against the minority of people who seem to make all the big (and destructive)decisions.

The feeling with the Pequi youth in Mlango Kubwa is very different than that of Wall Street or Syria. Together as youth we have proven that solidarity and determination is the only way forward.

The construction of the foundation has taken over three weeks (still not finished yet), The floor will be built on at least a couple pints of our blood, sweat and the echoes of our screaming matches and songs.

We are also working with a really great contracting company so there is no cutting corners and everything is running on time and silky smooth, much respect to Bonfide Contractors.

The cement we are using has extra bonding chemicals and has stripped all of our hands of its skin leaving a tender bloody surface. Not much we can do about it but to wrap them up in some bandages and keep going.

Big man Tyrese and OG Pequi member who keeps everyone in check. Him and I carry around the 100 kg stones for the foundation and it's super intense and fun.

Employing the young people of Mlango Kubwa and members of "Pequi" for the job has made the project so much more enjoyable.

Throwing in a picture of yours truly while I use one of my favourite power tools. So that's the update. Now I'm gonna bounce from this smelly ass cyber and get over to the site because I'm late.

It's a new dawn and the struggle goes on

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