Wednesday, 13 June 2012

On The Move

Found a wireless signal and wanted to share this video for those who haven't seen it on facebook or don't know my big guy Levon. I said wait for Livin the Dream part two and here it is.

What you are watching is a 9 day adventure Levon and I took during the month of May. Levon spent a few days at helping out in the centres. I got a lot of pleasure from having this guy get his hands dirty and having a fresh face around definitely gave us a new surge of insipiration. Don't be fooled though, this is not the kind of treatment every volunteer gets who comes to see what we do. Levon and his family have been strong supporters since we began our endeavors in Kenya, so I felt Levon needed an Xtra Large journey into Nairobi that most visitors don't get to experience.

LIVIN THE DREAM: ON THE MOVE from Nat Can on Vimeo.

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