Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Success in the east :)

Eastvan to Eastlands. These communities are connected in ways that I'm still trying to understand. Their similarities are endless but the differences are humongous. In any city, there is always that neighbourhood where you see the unexpected like a pocket bike towing another pocket bike along a busy road. Or an old man running around in 1970's neon athletic wear, yelling at the top of his lungs about technology. Both communities are bound by countless minorities and cultures which transform it into the most colourful and vibrant part of the city. Except in Eastlands, 70% of the population is 24 and under. And 60% of them have little job security or no job at all. 

So for the past 6 years (what seems like forever) UWH has been using the generous residents of East Van as social leverage to demonstrate what we are able to accomplish when we come together as a community. If you want examples, scroll down the pages of this blog we have been writing for 5 years. 

Saturday October 12 was no exception. People came out in big numbers and donated generously as usual so UWH can continue working with young leaders working to improve the lives of everyone in their community. 

Art work was sold by Nathaniel Cy Canuel (myself) and the drinks flowed. Here are some pics from the night. Stay tuned to see for some great projects in 2014 !! Huge thanks to everyone who helped and came out!! 


  1. Thanks brother for the good job you are doing, keep it up and may God Bless the work of your hands.

  2. If any one one had told me that ,chance meeting in the chaos of 2007 disputed elections would lead to this, i would have probably said an emphatic NO! But here you are walking your talk and idealism. What can i say other tip my hat to you Justin Sekiguchi, Kaka and your home Communities of Eastlands and Eastvan!