Friday, 24 January 2014

At Large In Eastlands

 The best thing about a social hall is the diversity of each day. There is always so much going on and can alway expect for it to be different. The social hall earns income by hosting meetings and events. In this picture Kaka speaks at a forum on Informal Waste Management held by our friends at Spatial Collective.
 The next day the hall is full of young men who are part of the new fitness program that Up With Hope is supporting. A new paint job has given a new life to the centre for a fresh start in the new year. 
 Work as usual with Farouk at the centre in Makadara. Welding a wheelbarrow under the shade of a tree that we planted only 2 years ago but is growing into a part of the centre.
 The number of rabbits at the centre are growing (unsurprisingly). These guys devour a lot of organic waste from the neighbourhood.
 Our chickens eat just about everything as well as organic waste. Here they peacefully drink water outside their home.
 Some tools from a day of work.
 A paint job on the new gate as part of our effort to rebrand the centre and bring some color into the community.
 Mr. Farouk making things happen as his boy watches on.
 Meet Barack, original rasta baby 
Job done, this gate is so nice!

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