Friday, 3 January 2014

Nairobi New Year

Happy New year to everyone who reads this and supports us. 2014 will most definitely be another great year. Here are some recent pics and some from celebrating the new year. 
 Nairobi CBD. Moi Avenue. One of the best streets in the whole world. Giant palm trees keep a cool breeze as huge buses carry people all over the city.

 These pics are to get an idea of the dynamics of a bustling African city. Above is the entrance to Gikomba Market, one of the largest open air markets in the world. You can see the city scape in the background. In the foreground is hundreds of thousands of people about their daily life. There are very few places with as much comotion as there is here. 

Not everything is comotion in Nairobi. One of the UWH centres in Partnership with Kamaliza Youth Group has become a landmark in Nairobi. Here you can see the new addition to the centre. Over 50 chickens and a huge new chicken coop are keeping the members busy.  Its a very peaceful place where many come to do business, get their hair braided or just pass time with other members.

Farouk proudly presenting the new members of Kamaliza  

Chickens eat all day long.  

Members look on as we install a brand new gate (homemade btw) 

Another oasis away from the hectic streets of Nairobi is the Mathare Environmental Centre. Here the members of Mathare Environmental join together before welcoming the new year. There was an absurd amount of food. A very large party ensued with the whole community dancing about.

After dinner, the kids of the community first got an opportunity to dance until the adults started the party. This picture is of the kids competing for best dancer. The group members are so good at keeping the kids attention and making sure that everyone has a chance to take part. 

Another picture from our slum soccer tournament that still has kids talking.

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