Monday, 24 March 2014

Shredding and Grinding

A new machine has recently come into our possession. In industry terms, we call it an "Agglomerator"(awesome right?) essentially the machine turns plastic bags into $$$. Although there has been some tech problems getting it running, the machine is solid and has been running for the past week. 

Farouk doing some technical wizardry to get the machine connected to electricity.

The iron teeth inside shred the polythene bags. This is a really crazy design but it works and runs like a Bentley.

No shortage of plastic bags floating around the city! 

You only need one guy feeding the polythene into the machine.

Once the machine has been running for a little while it heats up and the shredded plastic starts coming out quickly.

Then its off to the industries where this will turn into cups, bowls, coat hangers or whatever you can think of. A lot better off than taking up space in our cities!

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