Friday, 5 September 2014

Nairobi Grinding

Just hopped across the pond to get back to my #1 city. The only thing in my luggage was a bunch of sneakers and football boots for all my miniature hustlers who keep me on my toes.

"If it's too loud, You're too old" it says on the bus taking me to a Co-op meeting with some colleagues. Dancehall - G-Rap - Gospel anthems serenade us all the live long day as we wind through the slums meeting friends while I deliver all the gems I found in Canada to my comrades. 

Handed over one thousand dollars worth of Playstation 3 games for the Mathare Centre. Racing against my bro through the Alps in a Lamborghini, just another day in paradise ;) 

I am jet lag proof, hit up a waste management meeting first thing next morning and got to see some more special comrades. 

A comrade by the name of George Obama. This is my homie George, the brother of the most powerful man on the planet. 

My main brathaman Kaka who is always there at the airport with a ride waiting to take me on endless adventures. We got some adventures planned so don't forget to check back on us!!

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