Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mlango Kubwa Talent Show

 We've been spending just about everyday getting blasted by the sun trying to put some finishing touches on the Slum Soccer field. They are times I always remember to appreciate as they are happening because building and working together is really why I do what I do. It can be stressful trying to balance our tiny budget and trying to make it something we are all proud of but I think the impact is bigger than we know.

In the meantime we had some support from our friends at Resurrection Church and Youth Impact Trust who helped put on a talent show for the kids of Mlango Kubwa who rocked out like never before. I was able to get some shots and put together a little video of the highlights.

Mlango Kubwa Talent Show - 2014 from Nathaniel C. on Vimeo.

Just so cool that now we have a chance to do stuff like this because there is a field in the community now. I can't wait to see what other cool events are gonna take place on the Slum Soccer field. 

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