Sunday, 2 November 2014

Slum Soccer Dispatch: Sep - Oct 2014

New nets and fencing has given the ground a new life thanks to the hard work of so many who are building a legacy in Mlango Kubwa. The youth of Mlango Kubwa now have a colorful space to play and call their own!


On September 18th we returned to the Slum Soccer pitch with a fresh injection of funds and set out to make some big changes. Youth, members of the community and tradesmen helped transform the space into a vibrant landmark in Mlango Kubwa.  For over a month we have been banging away under the sun while we try to make something of quality for the youth to play on for years to come. The experiences of working together and seeing people’s reactions at the end of the day are valuable memories I will carry for the rest of my life. Last Friday our funds ran dry and we have taken a step back to see where we have reached. It’s amazing to see the difference we have made with only a little support and our bare hands.  Thanks to everyone in the amazing community of Mlango Kubwa who came to grab a shovel or mix some cement and all the people who have supported us in different ways. Stay tuned for more from UP WITH HOPE J

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