Monday, 27 April 2015


It's a great feeling when people appreciate the work you do and want to support. We recently hosted an international delegation and members of UN Habitat who took a tour of the community (Mlango Kubwa) and donated new football equipment to the team.  We have been so busy so not a lot of time for blogging! 

A game happened totally unplanned between the Mathare youth and UN representatives on on the SLUM SOCCER field. It was super cool and it ended in a 3-3 tie!

Kaka and Lene Conradi, Mayor of Asker, Norway on a tour of Mlango Kubwa 

On lookers watching as visitors walk the streets 

 Time to do some inventory of the new goodies!

We have also been visiting the UN as we are getting ready to build a computer lab in Mathare

Our brother Kaka is becoming more of a leader everyday. All day long his phone rings with people wanting to bring projects into his community as well as people hoping he can fix their problems. He is an inspiring human being whose strength and hard work is changing the lives of so many people. 

The journey continues! 

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