Monday, 27 February 2017

The never ending story

This blog will never die. I just recently touched down in Kenya after a year off doing some personal projects and so happy to be back. Of course my cell phone camera is always on trying to capture some moments. This year will be eventful as always :)

Chasing sunsets is a hobby check my instagram @prettychillvibes

The skate crew is alive and kicking in Kenya. As young people we are constantly looking for new spaces to enjoy our passion without getting chased away from security. 


Our stomping grounds Mlango Kubwa

Our brother Kaka doing his thing on the ground

Our home sweet home. Youth friendly environment.

Our late comrade Farouk's children. I miss my bro so much

Adventures at Lake Nakuru. Blasting with life.

Nairobi city on a rainy day

Kaka and I on a new project

Just gearing up to get our hands on some projects so you can be sure there is
More to come!!

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  1. Looks so good... I'm happy you are there :)